Heart Health Hypnosis

The human heart has much wisdom to share with its owner.   When one suffers from cardiac issues, your heart just may be trying to convey a message to get your attention.   The message could be as simple as feed me nutritious foods, exercise more, recognize me, love me, and the list goes on.   While there is not substitute for proper medical care, hypnosis can be a valuable asset in stress management.

Hypnosis is simply a state of focused attention or concentration.   It’s the perfect way to connect to the present moment.   Much has been written about the concept of mindfulness.  Hypnosis is a wonderful modality to connect with this state of consciousness.  Listen to the messages in your heart, take time for yourself.   The airlines have something right – put the oxygen mask on yourself before another.    We are here on earth to experience love and joy. Take time for yourself to experience what brings you personal joy.

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