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New Year’s Resolutions, How to Make Them Stick!

The New Year is quickly approaching.  Are you contemplating new year’s resolutions or plans for change? You have good intentions. This is finally in the year to drop those unwanted pounds, commit to an exercise routine, and go to the gym and finally use that gym membership. Or perhaps this is the year you will quit smoking,

Heart Health Hypnosis

The human heart has much wisdom to share with its owner.   When one suffers from cardiac issues, your heart just may be trying to convey a message to get your attention.   The message could be as simple as feed me nutritious foods, exercise more, recognize me, love me, and the list goes on.   While there

The Gift of Meditation, The Gold Standard of Healing Modalities

It is said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.   If this is true it seems the human experience is dominating life. As a result the spiritual aspect of life takes a back seat or no seat at all. Meditation can be a magical experience when one is able to quiet the ego

Inspiration for Self-Confidence

I am fearless in the face of all challenges…

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