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Worry Is The Mind’s Way To Protect!

Do you struggle with Fear of Fear?  Did you every have an embarrassing fear related event and worry it will happen again in some public place? Do you fear loss of control? Hypnosis for worry and stress related symptoms can be life changing.

Let’s start with the basics, feeling anxious is fear felt in the body. It is the mind’s attempt to protect from the unknown, where there is a perceived risk to happiness or even survival. Hypnosis for anxiety is effective to uncover the root cause of anxious thoughts or worry.

Learn how to change thoughts, to change focus for improved states of being!

Hypnosis for fears, worry and over thinking helps people to feel better, calmer and in control. The process of hypnosis facilitates changes at the subconscious level of the mind where emotions and habits reside, without the resistance of the thinking mind. Working with a professional hypnotist makes it easier to effectively transform old habits, patterns, and unwanted behaviors.*

The problem is not having negative thoughts, the issue is believing those thoughts!

Hypnosis is great for uncovering those pesky mental blocks getting in the way of life.

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Donna is passionate about helping clients transform and lead happier lives through the wonders of hypnosis for anxiety. Take the next step in your journey today, by completing this strategy form to specify your goals.

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Carol N.



Donna is a blessing! She really made me feel at ease discussing anything with her. She really helped me through a difficult issue that I needed help with for a long time. I am above and beyond thrilled with the results I received in a short period of time. The hypnosis for anxiety allowed me to free up my mind to focus on more important things in life! I highly recommend her services!

Angelica P.

Medical Care


I truly have nothing but amazing things to say about Donna! She has helped me change my life completely! I went from laying in bed for days due to depression and anxiety, to living the life I have always dreamed of!  Within one week, I had my work load decreased, my pay increased, and ultimately, my confidence sky rocketed!! I haven’t had one sleepless night, not one panic attack, not one episode of depression. I think everyone needs Donna in their life, whatever the reason may be! If you need to change your life, you need Donna!

Helene M.

Insurance Industry


I went to see Donna for help with some fears and anxiety I have in my life. She taught me different techniques to handle it, and happily I was able to successfully use those techniques on several occasions. She taught me meditation to deal with sleeping issues that I try and use nightly. I learned so much more than I ever expected and so happy that I made the decision to see Donna. She is professional and thoroughly enjoys her work and helping others.

Yes, I am Ready To Make Changes!

Donna is passionate about helping clients transform and lead happier lives through the wonders of hypnosis. Take the next step in your journey today, by completing this strategy form to specify your goals.

You ask, we answer Your FAQs about Anxiety Hypnosis

Here are general answers to common questions new clients tend to ask about hypnosis and working with Donna.

FAQ about Hypnosis for anxiety on Long Island, Hypnosis for Anxiety

I am afraid the hypnosis won't work for me. I like to be in control. Does this sound like you? Watch Donna's video below to learn more.

Hypnosis can be effective for stress and anxiousness as the goal is to identify the root cause of anxious thoughts. Through the process of working with a professional hypnotist the client is gently guided to a resource state for their own insights about the problem.  The hypnotic state is then utilized for positive suggestions for change.

So many people are scared that hypnosis might not work because they need to be in control. People say they have a strong will. I explain that hypnosis is a way to tap into your inner resources and have a certain experience. The aim is to gain understanding, speak kindly to your subconscious, and give yourself positive suggestions for the changes you desire. I want my determined clients to use their natural drive to be their best and feel motivated to make the positive changes they want.

This is tricky question that does not have a measurable or quantifiable answer. 


People also inquire about Donna’s success rate with hypnosis. Again, that depends on multiple factors including drive, dedication and determination on the client’s end. OK, I like to believe I have a high success rate helping clients achieve their goals and feel better. The reason being I have great love and passion for my work with each and every client.  Your success is my success, so I hold my client’s success at the forefront of my mind.   I also practice self-hypnosis and practice what I preach. Please peruse through the many testimonials right here on this website to read about the many success stories.  I hope to include your success story to this collection.

Hypnosis cannot erase thoughts from the past or make memories inaccessible.  Hypnosis can help you to reframe thoughts, memories and events to give the client some relief and peace of mind, so the person is not preoccupied with past memories. 

I wish I could give an precise answer to this question.  It depends on several factors including the client’s commitment to the work and if they are willing to practice self-hypnosis or mindfulness techniques.  

In my practice clients tend to feel relief quickly!  Usually within the first 2 sessions there is a noticeable, positive change.  Hypnosis is a resource state of mind to get insight and wisdom.  When insight about a problem is gleaned from the client, there tends to be an energetic shift of relief. 

Research has shown that hypnosis can help relieve stress, fear, and anxiety related symptoms. It can also be used to help in coping with the symptoms of panicky feelings.  While experiencing hypnosis, a person with panicky feelings or symptoms may be guided to bring attention to better coping strategies for positive states of being.

Technically speaking all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. That being said, clients will be taught a foundational method for self-hypnosis to use at home. This simple form of self-hypnosis can be used for any objective.  Think of it as a template that can be tweaked and adjusted for personal preference.  It’s about having the client use the practice in anyway that is helpful, practical, fast and effective. 

If you would like to learn a simple form of self hypnosis click here.

The answer is it depends on many factors.  Typically Donna works with clients for 4-6 sessions.  That seems to be my sweet zone for a single focus of work. 

If more sessions are required, they will be scheduled accordingly. The objective is to provide the best service for the client, to achieve their goal in the shortest number of sessions.

Hypnosis sessions provided by certified hypnotists are NOT covered by insurance. Sometimes they will be covered with flexible spending accounts.

Yes!  All conversations and hypnosis sessions are completely confidential.  I respect each client’s privacy with compassion and discretion. 

Consider This...

Everyone deserves to live their best life. Hypnosis is a wonderful resource state to learn about needs, wants, and desires.  It is a natural state of mind, to know yourself on a deeper level. 

Why does hypnosis work?  Hypnosis works in the subconscious part of the mind where memories, habits, and emotions are stored.  We consciously do not remember everything from the past, but familiar situations can trigger old emotions. The human brain tends to avoid pain and seek pleasure.  If a situation is a reminder of something undesirable, the brain distracts away from pain to something more pleasurable.

Hypnosis allows for a fresh perspective; this is called insight.  It’s the ultimate ah-ha moment where things can quickly shift, and life improves.  It’s a game changer to let go of the past and feel free.*

In-Person Sessions.  Donna offers hypnosis sessions in her beautiful Long Island office. 

With Gratitude,

*Disclaimer: Services rendered by a hypnotist are held out to the public as non-therapeutic motivational and meditative coaching, defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. Services rendered are not any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, we make no health benefit claims for our services. Our work is supportive and educational, intended to enhance productivity, effectiveness and flourishing.