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I began seeing Donna Bloom after suffering from insomnia for many years. It was sort of a last-ditch effort. I had tried everything under the sun from yoga, the sensory deprivation tanks, to popping every type of pill that the medical doctors prescribed me – all to no avail. I had tried every over the counter sleep aid imaginable, and while they did help me go to sleep, they did not keep me asleep and also, did not solve my problem of insomnia – they only put a band-aid on the problem.

I came across Donna’s name during a website search and while I was not overly optimistic, I felt, “why not – what else have you got to lose.”

After meeting her, she was the most pleasant person I had met in a while, very warm, soft spoken and genuine. She was not like the typical doctors who just write you a script and send you on your way. Or others who insist on milking your insurance and pockets by sending you for so many unnecessary appointments with no results at all. In fact, during our first meeting – Donna told me, “I will have you cured in less than 5 sessions.”. I will admit to thinking, “yeah, sure…..not likely, but if you say so.” I went in with an open mind. Donna was very warm and welcoming and was truly interested in helping. After the first one to two sessions, I began learning how to relax. My mind prior to these sessions was on a constant marathon, zillions of thoughts always rushing through my head, stress from my business, family, etc. always on my mind. Relaxing was a foreign word to me. Donna gave me some exercises to do to try to unwind and relax and I was shocked at how easy they were to do and how receptive my mind was to these mental exercises. Donna had me stop taking any sleep aids starting at out first visit, and here we were on visit number two and I still hadn’t taken any. By visit number four, I was falling asleep on my own within 30 minutes of laying in bed. I will admit to being completely shocked.

By our fifth visit, we worked on other issues that were buried in my mind, however, sleep issues were a thing of the past. It’s been over a month since I started seeing Donna and she stood true to her word. My insomnia was cured in under five visits. Even last night, I was extremely stressed about a situation and that normally would have resulted in a night of no sleep, however, I chanted the words in my head that we embedded during hypnosis and within seconds I was drifting off to sleep.

This has helped me focus better, and now that I am sleeping better I am able to wake up in the mornings refreshed and have started going back to the gym in the mornings, and overall – I am feeling great.

I would recommend Donna Bloom to anyone suffering from insomnia, stress, anxiety or any issues that are preventing them from having a happy and fulfilled life. Her methods are fast, painless, and drug-free. Her overall goal is helping you achieve the life that you deserve.

I can’t thank her enough and my only regret was not finding her sooner.

Patricia S.

Losing weight is the easy part.  Keeping it off is another thing.  I always said someone needs to get in my head and figure out why, why I can never keep off the weight.  Well, Donna was amazing.  I gained insight into why I was so fixated on dessert, eating a meal and not enjoying it because I was thinking about the dessert.  I needed to see the road of health and happiness and not the road of health issues, weight gain, and unhappiness and with Donna's help I did just that.  No cravings for soda, chocolate, sweets.  I actually take the time to prepare meals and enjoy what I'm eating at that moment and I feel great.
With Donna's help I know this is the new me!

Nancy M.

I had the great fortune of finding Donna Bloom through a web search for hypnotherapy.  I had never been to a hypnotherapist before and was suffering from many issues, the main problem was anxiety and PTSD.

I called Donna and she was so caring and informative on the phone, I could sense she had a passion to really help.

I have had 4 sessions so far, and can truly say I have gained more insight, and learned the actual tools needed for a healthy, positive, fearless life than 3 years of traditional "talk therapy".

I find Donna to be trust-worthy, very patient (answers all my questions thoroughly) and is a genuine, caring professional.

I highly recommend Donna Bloom!   (Update - Everything Donna suggested is WORKING!)

Lisa A.

Hypnosis has been a game-changer for me. I came in for help with weight loss and getting rid of old hidden patterns and beliefs. Donna has effortlessly helped me to change patterns and start to lose weight. I have also noticed positive changes in many other areas of my life as well. I will definitely be continuing this work. Donna - thank you so much for your kindness, presence and patience. You are an angel.

Christie T.

Sessions with Donna really made an impact on my life.  My goals were to improve self-esteem and self-confidence and also eliminate procrastination.  Donna's work during sessions did carry over to real life.  I am feeling better and doing more.  I am accomplishing more and overall feeling very positive.  I truly recommend Donna.  Her tools are very helpful, so glad I found her.

Natalya S.

After at least 20 years of living in a constant state of panic, I can proudly say that is no longer the case.  I have changed so much from working with Donna.  I never thought I would be able to change.  My life has changed for the better because I am able to live without fear, all thanks to the hypnosis process.  I feel so confident and calm in situations that I never thought was possible.  Hypnosis with Donna has truly changed my life for the better.  Thank you.

Hannah L.

Hi Donna - I wanted to thank you for the work you have done with me and leading to Ho'oponopono class and the Law of Attraction Vortex work. I have been crying tears of happiness because I have found a level of peace that I haven't experienced in a long time. I am experiencing joy. I still slip up from time to time but I feel different. The anger and hate seem gone. It's a work in progress but the shift has occurred. Thank you. I feel closer to God and the angels.

Liz B.

Hi Donna - I wanted to thank you for the work you have done with me and leading to Ho'oponopono class and the Law of Attraction Vortex work. I have been crying tears of happiness because I have found a level of peace that I haven't experienced in a long time. I am experiencing joy. I still slip up from time to time but I feel different. The anger and hate seem gone. It's a work in progress but the shift has occurred. Thank you. I feel closer to God and the angels.

Julie L.

Donna Bloom is an excellent listener and communicator, I found her techniques and advice to be energizing and actionable. Her hypnosis sessions are relaxing and productive.
I have maintained a consistent meditation practice since the end of my hypnosis sessions. The customized tools and key guiding principles reviewed with Donna Bloom useful in my everyday life and complementary to my day to day activities.

Simone C.

“Donna is the best!

She knows how to take ancient techniques and blend them with modern meditation in a way that increases spirituality in the lives of each and every participant. She has helped members of Temple Chaverim reduce stress, face life threatening illness, and become more focused and productive people.”

Rabbi Jonathan L. Hecht, Ph.D.

Temple Chaverim


I Can't Believe I Feel A Lot Better Since Last Nights Session. I Don't Know How To Thank You For Getting Me My Life Back. Donna, I Am Amazed.”

John C.

Dear Donna,

Since I started working with you, I have never felt more peaceful or confident.   I no longer avoid speaking opportunities in my personal and professional life.   I can now give presentations at work without worrying beforehand, as I am confident in my skills. I also forgave myself and let go of past anger.

Laura R.

Dear Donna,

After being so disgusted with myself for wanting to quit smoking and failing time after time, I frantically searched for help and found Donna. Not only was she so close to home, but after reading her website and seeing her picture, I felt an instant connection and I immediately knew I had to consult with her.

When I met Donna, she was as warm and welcoming in person as I found her to be in her picture. She not only helped me with my smoking,she helped me learn to love and want to take care of ALL of me. That is an invaluable service.

Thank you Donna, I am forever grateful for you warmth, guidance and support!!!

Erika S.

“Thanks for everything Donna!

I had tried to quit smoking several times and several different ways, without much success. I was skeptical to try hypnosis, and my skepticism persisted even during the sessions. However, it felt different than anything I had tried before. In the past, I was constantly craving a cigarette and would think to myself 'just try to keep this (quitting) up as long as possible.' After hypnosis with Donna, I barely ever think about cigarettes, and I just have a deep confidence that I have already succeeded and there won't be any turning back."

Pat M.

Donna has shown me how to allow my worries to vanish. It is so liberating to be able to do so and carry that ability & call it back again whenever it's needed. She is a gifted spiritual leader and I am truly grateful to have her in my life.

Rene S.

I've done both hypnosis and meditation with Donna. She makes you feel totally at ease and takes her time!

Ellen B.

Let me start by saying "Donna you are AMAZING!!! Thank you". I have completed 3 sessions so far, for weight loss and have lost 12 lbs. YAY!  I feel very much in control of what I eat. I am motivated and have noticed a positive change as well. You really made me feel at ease and very comfortable.  Thank you!

Rose C.

Today I had one of the most remarkable experiences of my life....EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping!  Donna, you are a marvel!  Little by little, tap by tap, I felt so many of the "false truths" of my life melting away.....and surprisingly found myself laughing as I confronted them!  I walked in feeling burdened with the weight of my self judgments and demons.  I walked out feeling happy, joyous, uplifted, and ready to look at things from a different perspective.   And what was equally exciting was knowing that you were on this journey with me, living the experience as well!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Donna!

Karen F.

I’ve been seeing Donna for the last 2 1/2 months and I tell you she has made such GREAT difference in my life. Unless you experience it for yourself you couldn’t possibly understand how GREAT she is and how she gets you to a state of mind that is not only BEAUTIFUL but also VERY HEALING. I’ve made a turn in my recovery.  I believe that if I didn’t put Donna in my life, I couldn’t have found what was blocking me. I had many unresolved issues, she was able to help me find and resolve them. Now my anxiety is so much less, I’m much happier than I was 2 1/2 months ago. I’m so much more comfortable with who I am and what my life is all about. I truly believe that God intervened and put Donna in my life. I truly believe in Donna and her approach to hypnosis. I’ve recommended several people to Wise Mind Hypnosis and they all have the same opinion of Donna. I know I said a lot, I could say much more about my experience with Donna, I will say this, I could only hope if you are having a problem with anxiety, you give Donna chance to help you to get better. I’m so glad I did.

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Donna's meditation classes are real eye-openers. Her techniques are heart and soul openers!

Sheila S.

Donna is a gifted spiritual healer. I have been taking group meditation classes with Donna for approximately three and a half years, and have also benefited from individual healing and hypnosis with her. The classes and sessions have fostered a sense of hope and helped me to maintain a positive attitude. They produce a sense of inner calm and peace and give me a “mini-vacation” from stress. I put my load down temporarily and travel away from pain and stress. In my mind, I travel to new and beautiful places. I go to a place of inner reflection and also receive support.

Sometimes the sessions produce insight into a troubling problem or help me choose a positive path to take. Donna seems to intuitively know where to guide the session so that I receive benefit. After the sessions, I feel happier, stronger and more hopeful. My body feels more relaxed.

Many of these benefits stay with me throughout the week, as I try to implement the new approaches, stress reduction methods and relaxation techniques. They have made a great difference in my life. In sum, I highly recommend Ms. Bloom as a hypnotist, healer and a teacher.

Jennifer K.

I used to be a heavy marijuana smoker of 8 years. There was never a time that I was sober due to the fact that I would smoke 4-8 times a day, all depending on if I worked or not. My current occupation of being a line cook, made it easy for me to smoke weed, since they did not require drug testing, nor was I approached for being inebriated.

In the past, I had many things that would stress me out and people that enabled me to smoke. I know it's not an excuse to let certain situations or people be the reason for me to look for weed, but at the time that I had these situations, I felt that weed was my only "go to" to help me feel relaxed. I attempted to quit smoking weed in the past on my own numerous times, however, I would always relapse.
I noticed that smoking weed did slow down the way I would move and function. Smoking affected my relationships with my loved ones. Due to the smoking, I made poor decisions and my loved ones suffered the consequences. I also noticed that my life had no progression and I needed to make a change in order for me to progress mentally and financially.

I knew that in order for me to progress I needed to seek professional attention. I looked online and found information on hypnosis. I decided to further pursue this method, even though I was a little skeptical. I kept looking to see who would be best capable of helping me and found Donna.

The first time I spoke with Donna, she made me feel that she was more than capable of helping me. On our first encounter, she touched base on how willing I was to stop smoking weed and made me feel comfortable. Donna targeted my innermost unresolved issues, as well as, unstable emotions. In hypnosis she made me face my fears and helped me find alternatives to a lifestyle without weed. With every session that I attended, I felt at ease and at peace with my self.

Thanks to Donna I have been marijuana free for 6 months and going on strong. I no longer find weed appealing to me nor do I desire it. I would recommend Donna to anybody that is more than willing to change their life. She helped me and I know that she could help anyone that truly wants and needs the help.

Thank you Donna for all that you have done. You are truly GREAT!

Nelson S.

I found myself quite comfortable and in a “safe” place when Donna was working with me to control and ease up on my anxiety and fear-based issues.

Her soothing voice; yet, strong, compassionate, confident demeanor and presence enveloped me.  She combined techniques such as TFT, Ho’oponopono and simple compassion, meditation and verbiage to induce confidence and clarity, which also allowed me to be open and open-minded. 

Through these processes, I was able to, on my own whenever I needed to, reach for effective tools that not only resonated to create a sense of relief, but positive momentum within myself.

These are tools I can use any time during moments of emotional stress.

Donna was also always either there physically or a call away if I needed additional support outside of sessions, providing emotional hand-holding, which was a sweet gesture and much needed at times.

I highly recommend Donna for any issues, not just anxiety or stress; and I am excited and motivated to continue with her for optimal healing strides, to push past deeper issues and foster encouragement, inner strength and reap the benefits of reassurance in not only moving forward, but not regressing either.

Donna exceeded in her dedication and concern for my well-being and progress through follow-up and genuine sincerity towards my success and feelings.  I am overly grateful for her expertise and guidance.

Lisa C.

I have been to a number of hypnosis sessions with Donna Bloom. After 10 years of traditional therapy I thought I had visited and worked on all issues. But with Donna I was able to take it to a whole new level. Rather than discussing things over and over, Donna used hypnosis techniques that gave me real closure and tools to deal with these plus other issues that will invariably come up in the future. So far I have lost 14 pounds, changed my entire eating habits, greatly improved my ability to relax and fall asleep, and began exercising regularly for over two months. I would recommend hypnosis and specifically Donna to anyone.

Aaron S.

It was wonderful working with Donna!  I wasn’t sure what to expect going in but she completely put me at ease and really listened to what I had to say.  She gave me many tools that I can use going forward.  I definitely experienced a positive change after working with Donna!

Maria T.

I highly recommend Donna for hypnosis therapy! My sessions with Donna proved to be immensely helpful for my anxiety and panic attacks. She was always there when I needed her and always offered sound, practical advice. I have recommended Donna to friends and they too were very pleased with the sessions and the successes they achieved with hypnosis. Donna is the most caring, giving and loving person I have ever met.

Louise A.

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