Imagine How you will feel with a good night's rest

Hypnosis for Sleep improvement

Are racing Thoughts Keeping You Awake?

Worry Is The Mind’s Way To Get Your Attention And May Keep You Awake.

Frequently people have trouble sleeping because something is “on their mind.” Racing thoughts keep people awake at night. Anxious thoughts want attention. When people are busy during the day, thoughts or concerns may wait until bedtime to get attention.  

Hypnosis for sleep improvement helps to get clarity and wisdom for bothersome issues.

Hypnosis for sleep on Long Island

Get Hypnotized for a Good Night's Sleep

Want a better night's sleep?

Bedtime Tips for Better Sleep

Imagine How you will feel with a good night's rest

Diaphragmatic Breathing to Release Good Feelings in the Body (3 minutes)
How you will be supported by Donna
Sleep is important!  You are important! Working personally with Donna can help you to get the restful sleep your body needs. Donna makes your goals top priority.  Hypnosis for insomnia and sleep related issues is safe and effective. Together we get to the heart of the issue and create a plan to give you peace and comfort.

Yes, I am Ready To Make Changes To Help Me Sleep!

Donna is passionate about helping clients transform and lead happier lives through the wonders of hypnosis for sleep. Take the next step in your journey today, by completing this strategy form to specify your goals.

Consider This...

Everyone deserves to live their best life and get a good night’s sleep. Hypnosis is a wonderful resource state to learn about needs, wants and desires.  It is a natural state of mind, to know yourself on a deeper level. 


Why does hypnosis work?  Hypnosis works in the subconscious part of the mind where memories, habits and emotions are stored.  We consciously do not remember everything from the past, but familiar situations can trigger old emotions. The human brain tends to avoid pain and seek pleasure.  If a situation is a reminder of something undesirable, the brain distracts away from pain to something more pleasurable.


Hypnosis allows for a fresh perspective; this is called insight.  It’s the ultimate ah-ha moment where things can quickly shift, and life improves.  It’s a game changer to let go of the past and feel free to sleep peacefully.*

With Gratitude,
Donna Bloom, BCH, Hypnosis for teenagers

Meet Donna...

Hello, I am Donna Bloom, a Board Certified Hypnotist at Wise Mind Hypnosis on Long Island.  Things are done things differently here!  The approach is solution oriented where the problem is not the primary focus. The mission is to awaken people to their inner potential for health and happiness.  My commitment is to help clients reframe past, optimize strengths, to be their best self.

Sessions are transformative, packed with useful strategies to use in everyday situations. Clients learn mindfulness techniques such as self-hypnosis for confidence and meditation for relaxation.  Plus “stress-busters” are taught to tame fear and unwanted moods.


*Disclaimer: Consult your medical doctor first to rule out a medical condition including sleep apnea. Proper medical care is critical to your health. 

**Disclaimer: Services rendered by a hypnotist are held out to the public as non-therapeutic motivational and meditative coaching, defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. Services rendered are not any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, we make no health benefit claims for our services. Our work is supportive and educational, intended to enhance productivity, effectiveness and flourishing.