Ho’oponopono for Control

Ho’oponopono for The Control Freak

Are you a self-proclaimed control freak?  Wouldn’t the world just run smoother if you could control the key players in your life? After all, you are smart and have good intentions.  If you made all the decisions and wrapped everyone you love in a protective bubble, you would not have to worry and could sleep soundly at night.  Sound good?  I thought you might agree.


The truth is we cannot control situations and circumstances of life. We cannot control the behaviors of others.  We cannot control world events. The only thing we can control is our reactions towards people and events.  BUT….what if there was something you could actually do?  What if there was a better way than worrying all the time? There is an old commercial that says, “there’s just got to be a better way.” The truth is there is a better way to have peace.


The Wisdom of a Parent

My dad has two famous sayings. The first is “use the right tool for the job.”  The second is “never force it.”  His statements were for tangible projects around the house, fixing and repairing items to be specific.  As I grew up dad said these statements frequently, though I heard them at a much deeper level as I matured. My dad’s wisdom is actually brilliant. 


Use The Right Tool For the Job

When people want to control situations, persons, places or things, it stems from the energy of fear.  People are afraid if things don’t go the way they believe is best, something bad is likely to happen. The energy of fear is low vibration and dense.  This same energy does not feel good in the body and causes dis-comfort and dis-ease. This fear is actually a primal instinct for survival, to keep us safe.  However, humanity is no longer in constant physical danger and we no longer have to be that vigilant for survival.  As my dad would infer, fear is the wrong tool for the job!


So What is the Right Tool for the Job?

The reality is there is no right or wrong. There is no one correct tool to help the self-diagnosed control freak.  The idea is to be present in the moment to get clarity and to be open to new ideas and possibilities. The phrase level heads prevail is so true. There are many processes, techniques, prayers to seek relief.  They are all good, the idea is to put whatever you choose into good practice.  One of my favorite practices for calming my mind is reciting the phrases of modern Ho’oponopono.


Entering the Realm of Ho’oponopono

So how can Ho’oponopono bring relief and comfort to the average person who wants constant control?  The answer is simple, the four healing phrases are of high vibration. They include the energies of love, repentance, forgiveness and gratitude.  When infused with pure, positive intention these words are magical.  Getting started is easy and begins with setting an intention to simply let go.  When we feel tension in the body, it’s a sign of being out of alignment or out of sync.   The goal is to trust in something greater than ourselves.

The four healing phrases of Modern Ho’oponopono are simply magical.

  • I love you
  • I am sorry 
  • Please forgive me and 
  • Thank you

 Repeat these phrases several times and just notice, notice how you feel. 

  • They have the capability to transcend negative thinking. 
  • They have the ability to tap into higher wisdom.  
  • They have the ability to calm the mind and those racing thoughts.  

Never Force It

My dad’s other saying was “never force it.”  Again, dad meant this with the usage of tools, etc.  The human mind is cunning and loves to go fishing for answers.  When practicing modern Ho’oponopono the idea is to recite the phrases until you feel a positive shift of energy.  This sometimes can feel like there is a calming presence.  At this point, just let go of the need for a certain outcome.  All will be revealed in proper timing.  The answer or solution will become the obvious choice and will have the highest good for all in mind.  The idea is to take inspired action.


Here is my challenge to you, be brave and dare to surrender and relinquish control. You may surprise yourself on how you will be guided and how things resolve magically. With daily practice, modern Ho’oponopono will be a wonderful source of inspiration, connection and protection.

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