The Peace and Magic of Ho’oponopono 4 Healing Phrases

These simple phrases of “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you” have magical qualities.   

  • The capability to transcend negative thinking. 
  • The ability to tap into higher wisdom.  
  • The ability to heal hurts and wounds.  

But how?  The answer is simple, these phrases are of high vibration. They include the energies of love, repentance, forgiveness and gratitude.  When infused with pure, positive intention these words are magical.  Getting started is easy and begins with setting an intention to simply feel better. 

A Libra’s Need for Balance

Recently I was upset because two members of my immediate family had different political views.  The conversations in the home were heated and uncomfortable.  I tend to take on the role of peacekeeper and crave balance and harmony in the home.  I am a typical libra! This need to fix and keep the peace is a program I am running and getting in the way of my happiness.  This is actually a need to control and a lack of trust in my family’s ability to settle their own differences.  These uncomfortable feelings were a sign from the universe I was off course.  Once I had this huge epiphany, it was time to start reciting the phrases of Ho’oponopono.  

The first phrase I love you means I am connecting to my source of divinity. I am sorry is an acknowledgement of a program causing uncomfortable thinking and feelings. Please forgive me is a recognition of repetitive thoughts causing negative feelings.  Thank you is the best part as it allows for a new way of perceiving an issue, a new way to handle situations.  Our job is to step aside, trust and allow guidance, grace and goodness. 

Ho’oponopono is more reliable than Google, Siri or Alexis – as it tunes you into the true source of wisdom. Ho’oponopono takes practice, it takes dedication, it takes diligence. The rewards are immense.

Proceed Compassionately

When we are triggered by something upsetting, it’s common for the mind to want to fabricate a solution.  We are taught from an early age to get our heads out of the clouds.  It’s normal for the mind to want to generate possibilities, so be compassionate with yourself and the Ho’oponopono process.  Continue to recite the 4 healing phrases slowly and intentionally.  Imagine you are releasing the need for control and allow yourself to be in an open and receptive state of mind.  Continue to repeat the phrases until you feel a positive shift of energy.  Guidance will come when you least expect it to arrive, similar to a download.  Wisdom from source is usually short and sweet, it feels right, the obvious solution, with everyone’s greatest good considered. You will also recognize guidance as it may use words not regularly a part of your daily vernacular. 

Balanced Achieved for my Inner Libra

To get the peace and clarity I sought for my family, I began the process of reciting the 4 healing phrases repeatedly.   My mind was quick to interject, but I was persistent and trusted the process.  Slowly but surely my body relaxed and was able to recite Ho’oponopono with true intention.  I persisted for about ten minutes, then my body melted.  I felt a surge of peace all around and I let go. I did not have a lightbulb moment at that exact time, but was able to feel peace that my program and concern were received by the Divine.  Insight did arrive upon waking the next morning. The guidance was clear. “They are capable of resolving their issues, as there is genuine love between the siblings. My attempt to moderate and pacify is not necessary or even helpful, they are more than capable of resolving the issue. My job is to see the both at their highest potential and to trust. 

Intuition is a muscle that must be exercised regularly.  Have fun, let go and enjoy the peace and harmony from Ho’oponopono.

For more information about incorporating Ho’oponopono into your life, please visit this page on my website at Ho’oponopono Hypnosis.