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The Gift of Meditation, The Gold Standard of Healing Modalities

It is said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.   If this is true it seems the human experience is dominating life. As a result, the spiritual aspect of life takes a back seat or no seat at all.

Meditation can be a magical experience when one is able to quiet the ego-mind and tap into the voice of their divine self. It is the gold standard of healing as it provides a gateway to your divine self or as some prefer to say “higher self.”

Essentially Meditation provides the experience of being alone with yourself or God.  What makes your particular meditation special is your intention.   Meditation is the experience of going inside and listening for that “still small voice,” the voice of your spirit.   Everyone wants to know, Who Am I?  What is my purpose?  Meditation provides the opportunity to quiet the thinking mind.  Sometimes we get clarity, other times rest and yes sometimes absolutely nothing but a good nap.  Meditation requires some practice, patience and persistence.

So many people suffer from anxiety in a plethora of forms.   Symptoms include sweating, shaking, racing thoughts, feeling of overwhelming, disturbed sleep, distraction. What most people do not know is that anxiety is fear that manifests itself in the body, with the goal of attempting to keeping the person safe. Anxiety exists at the subconscious level of the mind.   The fear can be scary or irrational which produce symptoms in the body as pain or physical discomfort. In my line of work, I have concluded anxiety is essentially “separation from self.” When we are connected to the larger aspect of self, our divine self, spirit, etc., anxiety ceases to exist. It is impossible to feel anxious when you experience the love, comfort and guidance of who you truly are from your magnificent self. No other person knows you best, inside of you are the words you truly need and have been longing to hear to make yourself feel better.

Meditation takes practice and commitment.   Prayer is asking, meditation is listening for the answer and hypnosis is changing unwanted behaviors.   We are all so good at complaining and begging for the answers, but not so skilled at cultivating a practice of listening for an answer. The first step is awareness.   It is becoming aware of your body, your mental thoughts and emotions and emotional reactions.

The next step is breath awareness.   Your breath is your connection to your spirit.   Breathing is the first thing a baby does at birth, the last thing before death. We breathe both consciously and unconsciously. Imagine now your breath is like the wind and can change cloud formations within your body.   Play with that sensation for a while.

Finally, it is important to cultivate your own meditation practice and a quick technique you can do in a minute to ground and center yourself.   It can be as simple as closing your eyes and giving yourself a positive suggestion or affirmation that resonates with you.   My personal favorite is silently stating “I am so thankful and grateful.”   Meditation has so many health benefits and is the ultimate “time-out.”  When we get quiet to hear the whispers and nudges of the higher self, it’s a gateway to guidance.  When we go into the silence and cultivate a practice of listening and trusting, anxiety ceases to exist.  When we trust the path of life, are at one with the universe, and allow our inner guidance system to direct our footsteps, life becomes a joy.

Recently my students were shocked to hear me call meditation the gold standard of healing over hypnosis. Hypnosis, especially when facilitated by a professional hypnotherapist, helps to identify and re-frame limiting thoughts and blockages to happiness.   As a part of any good hypnosis program, the client is taught self-hypnosis, which is a wonderful training ground for meditation. Again, prayer is speaking, hypnosis is changing and meditation is connecting and listening for the answer.   Wisdom from your divine self always feels right, loving, light-hearted and has the best interest of all involved.

Meditation takes practice and discipline. But it is so easy and the rewards are infinite.

Gratitude and Blessings,