New Year’s Resolutions, How to Make Them Stick!

The New Year is quickly approaching.  Are you contemplating new year’s resolutions or plans for change? You have good intentions. This is finally in the year to drop those unwanted pounds, commit to an exercise routine, and go to the gym and finally use that gym membership. Or perhaps this is the year you will quit smoking, cut down on alcohol. Or maybe your goals for the new year are simple like learning a basic meditation practice or being nicer to a family member.

So how do you make those resolutions stick and become new healthy habits?

1) Make a commitment to yourself. Put yourself first and make you a priority. Yes, put yourself on your calendar or to do list.

2)  Commit to making the change. What is your commitment level to the goal? Use a 10-1 rating scale.

3) Have some fun.  Visualize yourself already having made the change. Using your imagination, visualize yourself accomplishing that goal. Then the use of all your senses; what will it look like, what will it feel like, what will it sound like, what will it smell and taste like?

Self-hypnosis or meditation are great ways to visualize success. If you can visualize the way you want to be, that is the way you will be. All creation starts in the imagination. Hypnosis is great to change behaviors.

4) You must do the work. Remember to use the law of attraction. You get what you put your attention upon! Draw things, people, events and situations into your life that will feel you with joy, happiness and love.

5) Finally, share your goals and enthusiasm with others.