Sometimes Doing Nothing is the Best Decision

The Best Decision is Sometimes Doing Nothing At All

I was recently working with a client who proclaims her life is a proverbial “shit show.”  A single, working parent with two teenage children.  Late one night she calls me on the phone frantically about the demands of life and how she gets no free time to herself. She goes on to describe how she does not get any time alone in her home.  The irony to her story is that she fears being alone.  Yes, there is a big difference between having some alone time and being alone. She is an active person by nature, a real doer who likes to jump into action to fix problems.  

To give her support in the moment, I had her close her eyes and take a few deep breaths while I spoke.  She calmed a bit and then recited the 4 healing phrases of Ho’oponopono.  She calmed a bit more.  As we chanted the phrases together and both came into energetic alignment, I felt inspired to ask her if she could “do nothing” just for a while until she felt inspired to do something productive, loving or useful.  She adorably relied, “what? you want me to do nothing?”  Yes, do nothing for now and allow Ho’oponopono to connect you the loving, Divine energies of Ho’oponopono.    

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing “to do.” It’s a deliberate action to not make a situation worse.  In the not doing, it gives an opportunity to pause, reflect and take a breath.

So how does Ho’oponopono help?

Ordinary situations can trigger us, especially when we feel the needs and demands of others encroaching on our space. These are internal programs which reside in the subconscious part of the mind. I describe them like small pebbles in a shoe.  They feel uncomfortable and we want them out fast.  

The loving energies of Ho’oponopono help us to connect back to our true selves, our source, Creator or God.  When we consciously try to problem solve, we only use a small portion of the resources of our minds.  Ho’oponopono connects us to Divine Intelligence where solutions appear perfectly, in perfect harmony.  These 4 healing phrases are keywords that positively reach the subconscious mind. 

  • I Love You 
  • I am Sorry 
  • Please Forgive Me
  • Thank You

Back to the story of the single mom.  Several days later, she continued to struggle with this concept about doing nothing. She is programmed to respond from a place of fear, that things could get worse if she is not on high alert. We practiced together and she felt safe letting me guide her through the process of reciting Ho’oponopono.  Finally she was able to relax and accepted the concept of doing nothing and waiting for clarity.   She called a few days later to report her daughter noticed she was very frazzled and suggested she cook dinner every other night so her mom could be “off duty.”  Through this surreal time of life, this mom did confess her relationship with her teenage daughter has been improving and they are getting closer.  Both mother and daughter no longer feel so alone after all.

Ho’oponopono gently cleans and clears these programs and creates space for loving solutions to problems.  You will know when guidance is divinely inspired as it will feel easy, loving and the obvious choice.  It has the highest good for all involved.  To summarize, sometimes we should and need to “do nothing” before “doing something.”

For more information about incorporating Ho’oponopono into your life, please visit this page on my website at Ho’oponopono Hypnosis.