Hypnosis to Stop Unwanted Habits and Anxious Behaviors

Donna Bloom, BCH, Reprogram your weight loss
Donna Bloom, BCH

Hello, I am Donna Bloom, a Board Certified Hypnotist at Wise Mind Hypnosis on Long Island.

You deserve to live your best life and hypnosis can help you to feel relief from unwanted habits and those proverbial “bad behaviors.”  Habits can be painful and embarrassing and hypnosis can help! Learn to put at end and control those unwanted habits at an unconscious level.

Hypnosis is a resource state to learn about yourself, and your needs, wants and desires.  It is a natural state of mind.  Hypnosis helps people to easily make changes, to enhance the quality of their lives. 

You will learn mindfulness techniques such as self-hypnosis and meditation to use at home for relaxation and stress management.  Plus learn several “stress-busters” to tame fear and unwanted moods. 

Common Unwanted Habits Helped in Private Sessions

Testimonials from Happy Clients

Donna has made such GREAT difference in my life. I had many unresolved issues, some were partially related to alcohol and she was able to help me resolve them. I’m so much more comfortable with who I am and what my life is all about. I truly believe in Donna and her approach to hypnosis. , I could only hope if you are having a problem with anxiety, you give Donna the chance to help you to get better. I’m so glad I did.
Charlie C.
I came to Donna for nail-biting issues, which have been a habit since I was young.  I have never been able to stop biting on my own and hypnosis helped me to have healthy looking nails.   I did not see myself as a spiritual person, but realizing that I was in a sense allowed me to open up and heal myself from the inside out!  Amazing.
Rachel B.
High School Student
Using hypnosis was very helpful in overcoming habits and anxiety. I came for nail picking and left with long nails and a whole new persona, feeling relaxed, in control and confident. Thank you.
Julia C.
High School Senior
I brought my child to Donna for unwanted behaviors and to our delight and surprise, my child’s grades improved and school became easier. 
Anna B.
Delighted Mom

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Donna is passionate about helping clients transform and lead happier lives through the wonders of hypnosis. Take the next step in your journey today.

*Disclaimer: Results May Vary. Hypnosis results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.