Free Podcasts of Cal Banyan Explaining “The Secret Language of Feelings.”

Introduction To The Secret Language of Feelings (3 minutes)

Episode 1: Why do people do such crazy stuff?  They feel bad and then distract (Eat Too Much, Drink Too Much, Sex Too Much, Smoke Too Much, etc.) (21 Minutes)

Episode 2: Why do people do such crazy stuff, continued?  Frustration can drive you to distraction (too much food, alcohol, cigarettes and sex.) (20 minutes)

Episode 3: Why do people do such crazy stuff, the finale? Normal healthy depression is a time to rest and get ready to try again. (21 minutes)

Episode 4: Why Do We Distract Ourselves?, Because We Are Not Exactly Sure What Feelings Are For (22 minutes)

Episode 5: All Feelings are Good, even Anger, Loneliness, Sadness and How To Feel Better with 1-2-3 (26 minutes)

Episode 6: The Wisdom of Anger and Finding Happiness with 1-2-3


Episode 7: The Wisdom of Guilt (19 minutes)

Episode 8: The Wisdom of Using Distractors as “Plan B” (15 minutes)

Episode 9: The Wisdom of using 7th Path Self-Hypnosis (15 minutes)

Episode 10: Emotional Resonance is the Key To Understand Over Reaction (27 minutes)

Episode 11: The dialogue has begun, our first question and answer episode (19 minutes)

Episode 12: The Wisdom of Feeling Fearful (16 minutes)

Episode 13: How To Be Happy (11 minutes)

Episode 14: Dealing with Holidays and Other Get-Togethers (25 minutes)

Episode 15: How to Lose Weight Without Feeling  Deprived (20 minutes)

The Secret Language of Feelings at Wise Mind Hypnosis, Long Island

Donna Bloom with Calvin Banyan, the author of The Secret Language of Feelings.  Photo was taken at the 2019 NGH Convention.