The Secret Language of Feelings

The Secret Language of Feelings By: Calvin Banyan

Free Podcasts of Cal Banyan Explaining “The Secret Language of Feelings.”






Introduction To The Secret Language of Feelings (3 minutes)

Episode 1: Why do people do such crazy stuff?  They feel bad and then distract (Eat Too Much, Drink Too Much, Sex Too Much, Smoke Too Much, etc.) (21 Minutes)

Episode 2: Why do people do such crazy stuff, continued?  Frustration can drive you to distraction (too much food, alcohol, cigarettes and sex.) (20 minutes)

Episode 3: Why do people do such crazy stuff, the finale? Normal healthy depression is a time to rest and get ready to try again. (21 minutes)

Episode 4: Why Do We Distract Ourselves?, Because We Are Not Exactly Sure What Feelings Are For (22 minutes)

Episode 5: All Feelings are Good, even Anger, Loneliness, Sadness and How To Feel Better with 1-2-3 (26 minutes)

Episode 6: The Wisdom of Anger and Finding Happiness with 1-2-3


Episode 7: The Wisdom of Guilt (19 minutes)

Episode 8: The Wisdom of Using Distractors as “Plan B” (15 minutes)

Episode 9: The Wisdom of using 7th Path Self-Hypnosis (15 minutes)

Episode 10: Emotional Resonance is the Key To Understand Over Reaction (27 minutes)

Episode 11: The dialogue has begun, our first question and answer episode (19 minutes)

Episode 12: The Wisdom of Feeling Fearful (16 minutes)

Episode 13: How To Be Happy (11 minutes)

Episode 14: Dealing with Holidays and Other Get-Togethers (25 minutes)

Episode 15: How to Lose Weight Without Feeling  Deprived (20 minutes)

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