About Prisco Panza, Performance/Productivity Specialist and Functional Training Coach

Prisco Panza encompasses over 20 years of experience with club ownership, athletic training, coaching, individual and group exercise, wellness programs for adults, teenagers and seniors. He is also a specialized instructor for emotionally troubled and disabled individuals, and those with special needs and issues. Prisco is a firm believer that “Success is not a Secret.” He believes success is a system and has developed many successful programs to facilitate client success.

Every program developed by Prisco Panza is designed to easily fit into your lifestyle to bring you Balance, Poise and Power. His programs integrate the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects to help clients take personal responsibility and embrace all life has to offer.

Prisco studied in New York, achieving Associate’s Degrees in both Business and Marketing and Science – Anatomy, Physiology and Biology. Prisco holds certifications and accreditations from the prestigious organizations: ACE (American Council on Exercise), ACSM (American College of Sports and Medicine), NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and the Eric Lofholm Sales Mastery Program. His programs are a process, methodology and philosophy that uses intuitive, experiential and practical tools that empower you.

His specialties include coaching for life, sport specific performance training, Special Olympics Adapted Games. senior fitness, golf and tennis conditioning, pre-natal and post-natal fitness. Accomplished as a USA Weightlifting lifter, coach and Golden Gloves Boxing, he achieved titles for both power lifting and weight lifting. Prisco received training and certifications from various local churches to work with teens and children in specialized programs, in addition to running high school and collegiate training camps for conditioning sports.

Founder and developer of customized platforms such as IPC and IPC2 Internal Personal Communication courses, High and Low Intensity G.P.P. Training, Weight Loss Academy and BEST (Body Empowerment Strategic Transformation), these curriculum are custom-tailored to incorporate personal training and coaching sessions, educating, inspiring and motivating individuals in food shopping and meal preparation, meditation, stress management and relaxation, counseling, coaching calls, constant communication for questions and daily encouragement, detox treatments and more.

Prisco is currently branching into cultivating forums that focus on empowerment through communication with one’s self: allowing for spiritual and emotional guidance and healing, confidence and internal well-being. This emphasis on self-worth and happiness, creating a better balance within leading to a poised and empowered individual allowing for more enriched and fulfilling choices in health, relationships, employment and lifestyle.