Welcome to Your Journey of Healing and self-discovery with Donna Bloom, BCH. Please Watch these Pre-Hypnosis videos, (18 minutes in total) prior to your first appointment. These videos explain the hypnosis process. You will learn how the mind works and what to expect during your private sessions. Scroll the bottom to view the corresponding graphics.

Video #1: What is hypnosis? 2 minutes

Video #2: The model of the mind, 7 minutes

Video #3: Distractor Behaviors, 3 minutes

Video #4: The secret language of feelings, 4 minutes

video #5: Anxiety explained, 1 minute

Video #6: Time to wrap up, 1 minute

video #7: What to Expect During Your First session with Donna...(3 Minutes)

Thank you for taking the time to watch these pre-hypnosis videos.  This will allow us to immediately start our work together, to make the changes you desire. If you have any questions, write them down and ask during your session.~Donna
Model of the Mind, Wise Mind Hypnosis

Anxiety is FEAR with a Physical Component

Defining Anxiety at Wise Mind Hypnosis