Choose 2 Hypnosis Freebies for Emotional Comfort

#1) 16 Minutes of Calm

FREE Peaceful Journey Audio MP3 To Release Stress & Worries

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Get This Peaceful Journey Hypnotic Audio Recording MP3 from Donna

Get insight and answers hidden in your subconscious mind in this 16 minute relaxing hypnosis recording. During this journey you will be guided to release and let go of worries or stress, while transforming old worries into the vibration of love. Give yourself the priceless gift of your time and attention.

This is a digital recording by Donna Bloom, Board Certified Hypnotist.  

#2) 10 Suggestions for Quality "Me Time"

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Introductory Hypnosis Offers

Welcome to Donna’s hypnosis cafe.  This is the place for learning and experiencing hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness at your own pace.  Browse through these basic introductory offers to see which resonates with you the most.  It’s a great economical way to get started.

Learn Self-Hypnosis with Donna
A Basic Intro Level Class to Feel Better

Donna Will take you on a Magical Journey Teaching You the wonders of Self-Hypnosis. Get Ready to Master Your Mind and Be The Boss of Your Brain. 

Take a Deeper Dive with Donna
Hypnosis to Awaken Inner Confidence

Donna explains how Your Mind Really Works and Helps You To Clarify Your Goals For Change. This 1-Hour Course is Like a First In-Person Session with a New Client.