How Nelson Quit Smoking Pot Using Hypnosis

Nelson’s Success Story Using Insight-Based Hypnosis with Donna Bloom, BCH


“I used to be a heavy marijuana smoker of 8 years. There was never a time that I was sober due to the fact that I would smoke 4-8 times a day, all depending on if I worked or not. My current occupation of being a line cook, made it easy for me to smoke weed, since they did not require drug testing, nor was I approached for being inebriated.

In the past, I had many things that would stress me out and people that enabled me to smoke. I know it’s not an excuse to let certain situations or people be the reason for me to look for weed, but at the time that I had these situations, I felt that weed was my only “go to” to help me feel relaxed. I attempted to quit smoking weed in the past on my own numerous times, however, I would always relapse.
I noticed that smoking weed did slow down the way I would move and function. Smoking affected my relationships with my loved ones. Due to the smoking, I made poor decisions and my loved ones suffered the consequences. I also noticed that my life had no progression and I needed to make a change in order for me to progress mentally and financially.

I knew that in order for me to progress I needed to seek professional attention. I looked online and found information on hypnosis. I decided to further pursue this method, even though I was a little skeptical. I kept looking to see who would be best capable of helping me and found Donna.

The first time I spoke with Donna, she made me feel that she was more than capable of helping me. On our first encounter, she touched base on how willing I was to stop smoking weed and made me feel comfortable. Donna targeted my innermost unresolved issues, as well as, unstable emotions. In hypnosis she made me face my fears and helped me find alternatives to a lifestyle without weed. With every session that I attended, I felt at ease and at peace with my self.

Thanks to Donna I have been marijuana free for 6 months and going on strong. I no longer find weed appealing to me nor do I desire it. I would recommend Donna to anybody that is more than willing to change their life. She helped me and I know that she could help anyone that truly wants and needs the help.

Thank you Donna for all that you have done. You are truly GREAT!”

Nelson S.*


*Please Note: Results May Vary. Hypnosis results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. Nelson did work hard and participated actively during sessions!

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