Self-Hypnosis for Stress Relief and Positive Changes

Introduction to Self Hypnosis (1 minute)

What to Expect in these audio recordings.

All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis (40 seconds)

Hypnosis is resource state, to solve problems and generate creative solutions. Entering into a trance or the state of hypnosis is done on purpose, by your conscious choice.  It is a safe state in which to give yourself positive suggestions and access your personal wisdom.  Emerging from hypnosis is as easy as opening your eyes.

Safety Precautions before Doing Self Hypnosis (30 seconds)

Hypnosis should only be done when you can devote your full attention to the process in a safe, comfortable environment.  Hypnosis should never be done when driving a car or operating machinery.  The primary function of the mind is protection, so if your attention is needed you will emerge automatically to respond appropriately and safely.

Experience Relaxation, Guided by your Hypnotist, Donna Bloom (11 minutes)

It’s time to experience some relaxation.  Hypnosis is quite relaxing, healing and nourishing for the soul. Find a comfortable place, where you can safely close your eyes for a few minutes and relax.

Time To Practice Limitless Hypnosis on Your Own (2 minutes)

Raising and lowering your index finger will only take you into hypnosis when it is your intention to experience hypnosis.  When you feel it’s time to emerge from hypnosis, you may open your eyes and/or raise the right index finger.  A regular practice of self-hypnosis is rewarding on so many levels and offers you the ultimate way to de-stress, reprogram and create your life on purpose with intention and love.

Ok, Let's Review the Mental Self-Rehearsal
Self-Hypnosis Technique

Ready to take Your Self Hypnosis Practice to the Next Level? Ready for even more dramatic results?


Step 1:  Write Down a hypnotic suggestion you would like to give to yourself.*  It must be positive in nature, in the present tense and have an embedded reward or benefit.  Example: Every day in every way, I am better and better.


Step 2: Read the suggestion to yourself 5 times slowly.  On the 5th time, begin to lift your right index finger and as you finish reading your suggestion, slowly lower the index finger and ……


Step 3: Transition into hypnosis, using the 30-second process (as recorded above) and allow the mind to open wide, absorbing the energy of that suggestion.  As you explore your full potential, just relax and enjoy.

Self Hypnosis Suggestions Examples

*There is research stating successful people have written goals. Maybe it’s a law of attraction idea if you write it out, it sends it out into the universe to bring it back to you. Actually, there is a rather simple physiological explanation. As you write down your goals, you can feel the energy of the suggestion and it starts to become real. It’s the action of writing it down.  And even as you read it to yourself in the privacy of your own mind, you are tapping the energy of limitless potential within your unconscious.

Self Hypnosis 2-Step Process (3 minutes)

Step 1: Flip that light switch off, and transition comfortable into hypnosis. And while in that hypnotic state, step into your desired outcome. Be there having already achieved the things you want to create, reaching your goal. Try it on and notice how well it fits. Be there in your own desired outcome.


Step 2: When you get to a suitable place where it feels as if time to emerge, you may simply open your eyes and/or raise the right index finger, and step into it as a reality.