Introduction to Self-Hypnosis

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Donna Bloom

Board Certified Hypnotist

Self-Hypnosis Introduction at Wise Mind Hypnosis on Long Island Hypnosis Freebies
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As a Seeker, you will benefit tremendously by learning Self-Hypnosis to Empower Your Mind

      • Simple Process. Donna has designed this self-start “Hypnosis 101” to inspire, instruct, and engage. It’s all about learning to use your mind to help you achieve successful outcomes.
      • Get results. As you engage with this simple course content, remember consistency and repetition are your keys to success.
      • Trust the Process.  Be patient with yourself.  The more you learn to use your imagination and the process of self-hypnosis, the better life gets.
      • Short and Sweet.  The videos are quick to the point and yet highly informative. They will teach you to be the master of your mind.