On-Site Corporate Stress Management Programs and Wellness Programs 

What exactly is stress?  Stress by definition is a reaction to an uncertain event, environment or situation.   Stress is a fact of life. It can’t be avoided.  We actually need a certain amount of stress in our lives to function.  Finding and maintaining balance is the key to managing the pressures of modern life.  Effective stress management gives people the tools to stop the stress cycle before it becomes disruptive.  By noting stress signals early, relaxation techniques can be applied on the spot to stop the cycle.

•WebMD claims stress costs the average company $5,000 per employee, per year!

•A Northwestern Life Insurance study reported that 7 in 10 American workers indicated that job stress caused frequent health problems and made workers less productive.

Unhealthy employees cost companies money!   Do something wonderful for your employees and show them you care about their well-being.  Stress management techniques and self-hypnosis help to reduce stress and manage unwanted behaviors, all of which indirectly save your company money.  Other benefits include a happier work environment, more productive employees and reduced absenteeism.

Corporate Stress Management and Wellness Programs:
- The One-Hour Corporate Stress-Less ™ Management Program
- The Lunch Hour Wellness Program
- The Three-Hour Interactive Stress Management Seminar 
- Custom designed programs specifically for the needs of your organization


  • What issues impact your employees the most?
  • What types of pressures are typical in your industry?
  • Are there company quotas to be met?
  • Does your company have a high employee turnover?
  • How is the morale in your office?

We Look Forward to Speaking To You About Our Corporate Stress Management and Corporate Wellness Programs.

We bring interactive workshops to your office. Participants will learn easy, mindfulness strategies to alleviate stress and tension.  Contact Us today.

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