Hypnosis To Ace Your Tests and Succeed in School

Hypnosis Empowers Students With The Confidence To Focus and Thrive Academically

The single most powerful tool to ace any test is the ability to be prepared, calm, confident and focused. Students must be able to retain, recall and remember facts, figures and information. We offer a systematic approach where we work with students to identify and change thought patterns, beliefs and hidden emotions about tests.

We stimulate the student’s unique learning process by increasing motivation, boosting self-confidence, reducing study tension, enhancing memory recall and eliminating the fear of tests.

The real ABCs of learning is to always remain calm and always be prepared.    Hypnosis can help enhance academic concentration and focus. The Power is always Within! 

Everyday hypnosis for children helps kids, teenagers and adults to feel better about themselves. Many times this correlates to improved grades.  Hypnotism is effective to relieve anxiousness, worry, social discomfort, and stress.  Children and teens tend to worry about school performance, sports performance, making friends, their social status, fitting in with their friends, social media or even the pressure to succeed. Your child will be taught how to give themselves positive suggestions for change.

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Hypnosis To Help Stressed Students Prepare, Perform and Succeed!

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I wanted to let you know I got my grades for this semester and I received all A's in my courses. I want to thank you again because I know how our sessions played a part in me achieving this!! Thank you so much and will see you again in the future!

Chris V.

Therapist in Training

I worked with Donna twice before my SATs.  While taking the test, I was calm and relaxed.  The  SAT test before working with Donna, I was stressed which caused my score to be lower than what I wanted or expected.  After using the techniques I was taught, I was able to calm myself the days before the test and during the actual exam!  Being calm and relaxed on the exam day showed because I increased my SAT score by 110 points from the previous exam.

Nick C.

High School Student

*Disclaimer: Results May Vary. Hypnosis results will vary from person to person.  No individual result should be seen as typical. 

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