Resiliency in Challenging Times

Mojo Recovery, Reset Your Energy

Are you looking for some peace and calm to take the edge off the stress? The Coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on everyone, leaving people fearful and exhausted. You can strive and thrive during this time.  Learn to quarantine your mind from fear. You don’t have to struggle alone, I can help! 

Hypnosis for Coronavirus on Long Island, Coronavirus exhaustion alleviated

Exhaustion & Sleepless Nights

Are you having problems sleeping during the quarantine? Are you tired during the day from lack of deep sleep? Your brain thinks it's protecting you. Sleep is critical for overall health, especially now. There is a better way to relax your mind and allow your body to sleep.

Hypnosis for overthinking on Long Island

Anxiety & Worry

Is the fear of contracting the Coronavirus causing you to worry excessively? Do you dread waking up in the morning these days? Does your body feel extra tense? Believe it or not, this is your mind's way of keeping you safe. But there is a better way to stay healthy and relax.

Feeling Overwhelmed by Covid19 Stress on Long Island

Feeling Emotionally Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed emotionally or lack motivation to get things done? Are your typically busy children bored and want to be entertained? You want to be supportive, but have things to get done. It's OK to prioritize your needs. You are not alone.

Helping healers and first responders

Struggling with PTSD?

Have you been on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic?  The quote “Healers Heal Thyself” has never been more important. Give yourself and the ones you love the gift of self-care.  I work with healthcare professionals compassionately and effectively to give relief and comfort. Hypnosis helps to remove the struggle.  You don’t have to suffer alone. Let me help you end the cycle of stress.

Love and Connection

Missing Human Interaction?

Are you Working From Home? While the commute is great, the social interaction and dialogue meets an important need – human connection. This can take a toll on our well-being.  You don’t have to suffer alone.  You can thrive during this time of uncertainty, let me teach you how.

Alleviating The Stress & Fear of Uncertainty

Got the Covid 19 Blues?

This virus has spurred a mental health crisis.  This has affected health care providers and those working for essential service businesses. Your mental well-being is important.  You don’t have to suffer or live in fear.  Hypnosis and mindfulness are wonderful ways to feel a sense of relief, comfort and peace.

Finding Comfort & Joy in Hard Times

Looking for Peace of mind?

Quarantine your mind from fear with meditation and mindfulness practices.  Even though there is so much uncertainty, peace of mind is possible. We can connect to wisdom amid troubling times. Donna provides a variety of options to cultivate peace and tranquility. 

Hypnosis for Peace

"I strive to awaken people to their inner potential for health and happiness." Here's how...

This Coronavirus pandemic has certainly taken its toll on everyone. We are stressed and living in a state of uncertainty. We miss the small pleasures of life and physically connecting with those we love.
There is a beautiful healing question that can be applied to scary events or situations. The question is "How can I grow from this experience?" I have pondered that very question since the beginning of this worldwide crisis. My internal response is "What does this time of uncertainty make room for?"
I walk-the-walk and will teach you how to thrive during this time. How exactly will I do that? It depends on YOU! I typically weave hypnosis, life coaching and meditative practices into client session work. We work together as a team and customize a plan that meets your mental, physical and emotional needs at this time.

Yes! I Am Ready To Get Started

Donna is passionate about helping clients transform and lead happier lives through the wonders of hypnosis. Take the next step in your journey today.

I Have Great Strategies to Help You feel better

Gentle Ways to soothe your mind & body

Diaphragmatic breathing is a powerful tool to relieve stress, release toxins and vitalize the body and mind. Deep breathing releases endorphins, melatonin and serotonin. These are natural chemicals in the brain that produce a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Breathing Directions

  • Clasp hands behind back or hands behind head while lying down.
  • Lie down with knees bent. Make sure your spine is straight.
  • Scan your body and notice any areas of discomfort.
  • Please one palm over your chest the other palm over your belly.
  • Observe if you are breathing into the chest or belly.
  • If hand over your chest or both hands are moving, the breath is too shallow.
  • Only the hand over belly should rise up and down.
  • Inhale fully and slowly through the nose. Notice the hand on the belly. Exhale through the mouth. Focus on the sound of your breath, as you become more and more relaxed.
  • Explore the space between the breathes, that quiet empty space allows the mind to quiet.
  • Scan body again and notice the difference in sensations from the beginning of the session.

If at any time, you feel light-headed, just return to your normal breath.

Close your eyes and take a few cleansing breaths.  Imagine a time or place, real or imagined that brings you peace.  Enjoy the sites, sounds, feelings about this place. Notice everything, a virtual vacation from the cares of the world.   Pretend you are there now.  Just breathe, relax and notice.  Become aware of your breath, and the rise and fall of your belly.  Just breathe, relax and notice.  Enjoy the good feelings.  When ready just open your eyes!  

During this great pause, give yourself a some kind of a gift.  This year, I was waiting for the big snow storm to come to have time to work on a project in my home.  Well the snow never came.  However that project is important for me.  I have taken a bit of time each week to work on that project.  It is giving me a sense of joy and allowing me to prioritize my goals. Working on the project let’s my inner being know I value myself and I am important. 

Do you regularly notice a certain time on the clock?   I notice the numbers of my birthday and 11:11!   I see these times on the clock every single day without effort.  Now everytime I notice those special times, it becomes a meditative moment to celebrate me.  If I am in a safe place, I close my eyes and do a mini meditation or mindful moment to be grateful.  If I am active or driving a car, I allow that noticing of the time to bring a smile to my face. What will you do when you notice your special numbers?

A friend gave me some helpful advice last summer.  She whispered across the room “you do you.”  These words gave me permission to do what I wanted during a conference and meet my own needs.  I left the conference feeling refreshed and energized as I met my own needs and did what felt right for me.  

Most of the time we tend to put the needs and feelings of others first, as we can deal with the disappointment internally.  But we do have to listen to our own heart and please ourselves.  

While this expression may not be politically correct, the essence is true.  When we are happy, those around us feel the positive energy and can relax and feel happy too.  The fact is everything is energy.  When we feel “off” those around us pick up that energy.  It’s so important we take some time off, during this great pause, to reflect and connect to our inner being.  Let your inner voice guide you along the way.

Draw the infinity sign, a sideways 8, on top of your forehead with a finger (with freshly washed hands.) Keep drawing the infinity sign over and over until you feel nice and relaxed. 

It’s fun to do this to another.  Children just love this and it’s great to do this as they are falling asleep.  

The next time you are stressed or in a bad mood, complete this sentence. I am so thankful and grateful for…

Gratitude is high vibrational and quickly will elevate your mood and outlook on life.  

Do this 5 times in a row and see how quickly you feel better.



*Disclaimer: Results May Vary. Hypnosis results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.