Live Online Hypnosis Sessions Available Virtually Via Zoom or TeleHealth

Experience Live Hypnosis Sessions In the Privacy of Your Home or Office...

  • No Traffic

    Super Convenient - no traffic or driving issues.

  • Privacy Ensured

    Super private because you never leave your home or office.

  • Extremely Safe

    Super safe because, once again you never have to leave your home or office.

  • Optimum Results

    Same great results in the privacy and safety of your own home or office.

Watch and learn how to prepare for your virtual online session.

To offer clients the finest quality live online hypnosis sessions, we use the Zoom video conferencing platform. It is private and easy to use.  FaceTime an option too.

Here is what you will need….

~ A computer (Mac or PC), iPad or tablet.

~ installed on your computer or iPad.  FaceTime a good alternative.

~ A secure and reliable Internet connection.

~ Headphones or earbuds will enhance the online session experience.

~ Your computer or device to be hands free and positioned on a flat secure surface or safely resting on a pillow. 

~ Donna must be able to view your face, upper torso and hands.

~ A private room where you will not be interrupted by people, pets, door bells, etc. during the session.

~ A comfortable chair or resting place where your head can be supported.

~ An extra pillow on hand.

~Position your computer or device on a 45 degree angle from your body for the hypnosis part.

~NO Gum, as gum can be a potential choking hazard during hypnosis.

~ Want to get started?  The next step is to complete the STRATEGY FORM below. Only those who complete the form will be eligible for remote online hypnosis sessions.

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Donna is passionate about helping clients transform and lead happier lives through the wonders of hypnosis. Take the next step in your journey today.

Hypnosis Session Fees and Pricing

Kindly call Donna at 516-933-3669 to discuss hypnosis program pricing.  

*Insurance is not accepted for hypnosis services in New York state.

Online Hypnosis Session Certification Certificate
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