Hypnosis Helps People Get Relief from Worry and Anxiousness

Donna Bloom, BCH, Reprogram your weight loss
Donna Bloom, BCH

 It’s Time to End The Discomfort from Anxiety Related Feelings!

Hello, I am Donna Bloom, a Board Certified Hypnotist at Wise Mind Hypnosis on Long Island.

You deserve to live your best life and hypnosis can help you to feel relief from anxiousness, worry and racing thoughts.

Hypnosis is a resource state to learn about yourself, and your needs, wants and desires.  It is a natural state of mind.  Hypnosis helps people to easily make changes, to enhance the quality of their lives. 

You will learn mindfulness techniques such as self-hypnosis and meditation to use at home for relaxation and stress management.  Plus learn several “stress-busters” to tame fear and unwanted moods. 

Watch this video to learn how hypnosis can help you to feel relief from anxiety related feelings.

Anxiety is Fear Felt in the Body

Hypnosis for anxiety-related symptoms helps people to feel better, and to be calmer and in control. The process of hypnosis facilitates changes at the subconscious level of the mind where emotions and habits reside, without the resistance of the thinking mind.  Working with a professional hypnotist makes it easier to effectively transform old habits, patterns, and unwanted behaviors.*

Anxiety is an attempt to protect oneself from the unknown. Insight-based hypnosis is effective to uncover the root cause of anxious thoughts or worry. The personal insight into the underlying cause of worry, fear or concern is life-changing.  Once there is understanding, positive changes begin and stress can naturally dissolve away.

When you change your thinking, you change your focus.  When you change your focus, you change your general state of being!  Hypnosis will improve the quality of your self-talk.*

Hypnosis helps people to feel more confident and peaceful

Anxiety and Fear

Fear, anxiety, repetitive thoughts are some of the most common and uncomfortable feelings to experience. Hypnosis helps people to feel better quickly by getting to the root of the problem and reframing misperceptions.

Motivation & Success

Do you procrastinate or need to achieve goals? Hypnosis helps by guiding you through a process to eliminate blocks quickly and easily. It’s all about getting insight into the problem.

Unwanted Habits

Unwanted habits such as nail biting, smoking, eating too much or even shopping too much are just an attempt to make you feel better in the moment.  They are called distractor behaviors.  Hypnosis helps by uncovering the emotion that needs attention.

Common Issues Helped with Hypnosis

  • Worry
  • Anxious Thoughts
  • Nervousness
  • Over Thinking or Racing Thoughts
  • Fear or Panic Attacks
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Social Awkwardness or Discomfort
  • Unwanted Habits
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Needle Fears, Injections and Blood Tests
  • Nervous Stomach
  • Racing Feelings in the Body
  • Fight, Flight or Freeze
  • Sweaty Palms
  • Prolonged Sadness

Yes! I am Ready to Get Started

Donna is passionate about helping clients transform and lead happier lives through the wonders of hypnosis. Take the next step in your journey today.

*Disclaimer: Results May Vary. Hypnosis results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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