Does Hypnosis Really Work?  Hypnosis Facts:

Yes, hypnosis does work!  The MAGIC KEY to success is you, your wants, desires and positive expectations of success.   If you want a change in your life, hypnosis will work, because you work!

What is the MAGIC key to success?   YOU!    If you want a change in your life, hypnosis will work, because you work!

Benefits of Hypnosis:  The benefits of hypnosis are infinite.  Hypnosis is a natural process to help you make changes, reach goals and modify behavior.   As a side benefit, you will find practicing self-hypnosis improves sleep and an overall feeling of well-being.   As you learn to go in and out of hypnosis you will find yourself enjoying a better quality of restful sleep.  You will feel very well-rested in the morning.   You will also naturally feel more calm, focused and collected.  You will be able to achieve your goals because your mind is naturally more focused.

Hypnosis Defined:  Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that happens when we become absorbed in doing something like driving, working, reading, being creative, playing a sport, listening to music, watching TV, etc.

Hypnosis involves focused awareness that allows the conscious mind to quiet itself,  so the subconscious mind can be accessed. While in this pleasant state, you are always in complete control and have total awareness; yet your subconscious has the opportunity to incorporate powerful new thoughts and ideas to facilitate change.

HYPNOSIS WORKS because it allows the subconscious mind to be accessed.  The subconscious mind is a database of everything that’s ever happened in a lifetime including all of memories, emotions and experiences. The subconscious is also responsible for triggering FEELINGS based on the perception of events. So when changes are made to the subconscious, beliefs are changed and feelings are transformed.

If you truly wish for a permanent change to occur, are willing to do the necessary work and can imagine a new state of being with all your heart, you will be successful. The KEY is to align yourself with your desired outcome.

Myths about Hypnosis         Truths about Hypnosis

There are many misconceptions and myths about hypnosis. Most of them are due to misrepresentations on television and on stage.  Hypnosis is perfectly safe and you never lose control!

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